Matt 16

1 And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test (Jesus) they asked him to show them a sign from heaven …

4 (Jesus answered them), “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.”


The religious leaders were feeling threatened by who Jesus was showing Himself to be.
But they demanded more. They wanted yet more supernatural “proof” of who Jesus was.
Jesus gave a strong opinion of this demand, “evil and adulterous”.
Jesus told them one more “sign” would be “given”. He would be gone three days and then come back, the “sign of Jonah”.


So, the religious leaders were making “demands” of Jesus.
If I am making demands, then what does that, in fact, actually show?
If I am making demands, then it shows that I have a sense of “lack”.
If I am making demands of Jesus, there is something much deeper going on.
I am sensing a “lack” in who He is or who I am in Him.
And this is of utmost importance, because if I have a sense of “lack” in who Jesus is … then I will seek elsewhere to have my “demands” fulfilled.
But if I am continuously “demanding a sign”, what is it that I truly lack? …. Faith! Faith that Jesus is who He says He is! And that I am who Jesus says I am!
If I can rest contentedly in this foundation, demands for signs evaporate.
It’s an interesting adjective Jesus uses to describe those who demand a sign: “adulterous”!
What’s another word for “adulterous”? … Unfaithful!
If I was continuously “demanding a sign” from my wife to prove herself or her love to me, something unhealthy is happening in our relationship.
If I asked her everyday, “Prove your love to me!” … “Prove your love to me” … “Prove your love to me!” ….
I would be showing my own insecurities and immaturity, not her’s!
My “demands” on someone else, including my wife, are a reflection of me and my weaknesses, not who she is!
I must have faith in our covenant relationship.
So, then … Can I trust the Covenant relationship Jesus says He has entered with me? … I must!
Jesus says the only “sign” I need is His death and resurrection … It is enough!
Paul later said, “Jews demand a sign, Greeks demand wisdom, but I preach Christ crucified! … It is enough! Amen!


Thank you again, father, for your word.
It is enough. You are enough.
Help me demand nothing more than You.
You are alive and I am alive in You
In Jesus name, Amen!