[9] Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.



A fool will think that he’s pulling something over on people, but he will never deceive God.  And, if he chooses to, God will reveal the fool’s dishonesty to man as well.


Take Achan and his dishonest deeds for example in Joshua chapters 6, 7, 8. When Joshua leads the Israelites to destroy Jericho, the Lord explicitly told them to destroy the city but to leave all the devoted things like silver, gold, bronze etc.. The Lord told them that if they took any of the devoted things, he would bring trouble to Israel. Well, Achan sinned in a big way by taking devoted things that were probably worth a lifetime of wages.


He knew it was wrong but with such a high reward Achan couldn’t control himself. God was furious with the Israelites because of the dishonest acts of one person and made their attack on Ai tough as a result. Until God revealed what Achan had done to Joshua and Josua dealt with it severely. After that, the attack on Ai was successful.


The bottom line is that Achan tried to deceive men but could not deceive God. This made God furious with all the Israelites since Achan was a representative of God’s people. God ten revealed the deceit to men and had men deal with Achan severely.




Fast forward to us, in our time. As we’re tempted with small things that are “just a little” dishonest, can we stay strong? Do we always keep strong moral principals and make the right decision? What about the big things – if we were presented with a lifetime of wages for one dishonest act that we know would anger God – Something he has been very specific about telling us what is right and what is wrong? Would we stay morally upright?  Think about it. God is omniscient. He knows everything including what is in and comes from your heart. Trying to pull one over on him won’t work.


We may be deceived into thinking that God won’t know, or God won’t care, but that’s a lie straight from Satan. On top of that, if you try to fool men, God will reveal it as he sees fit.




Lord keep me walking the straight path with wisdom and honor that can only come from you, glorifying your name as I go. Let me be known to you and men, as a person of integrity. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.