Proverbs 10:8 – The wise of heart will receive commandments, but a babbling fool will come to ruin.


Solomon is providing advice by comparing and contrasting the actions of the wise verses that of a fool.  Much of what he is observing has to do with our heart and our words.  In verse 8, we learn that a wise person will listen and follow commandments while a fools just talks saying nothing but does not listen to commandments. Jesus teaches in Matthew 7:24 -27 that someone who hears His words and does them will be wise and build his house on solid rock.  While someone who hears Jesus’ words and does not follow will be like a fool who builds his house on sand.

Application –

I must not only hear the words of Jesus, my mind and heart must be open to receive his commandments and then act upon them.  In order to do this I need to be in the word to understand Jesus’ commandments and pray about how to implement in my walk.  It is one thing to know the commandments but it requires action on my part to recognize this is my responsibility to follow them.  I also need to be open to receive guidance/correction from someone to whom I am accountable to keep me on the right path. This requires more listening, less talking and not being prideful.    



Thank you for your love, wisdom and the commandments you give us in your word.  Help me heart to be open to receive your commands and follow them.  Let me build my foundation on your solid ground and not be a talkative fool who does not follow you.