“A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.”  Prov 11:1


Sometimes I have to think about what is being said in Proverbs; there are layers upon layers to find and see…


So I think I can discern what God is saying?  Hah!!  I know He chuckles and sometimes has a belly laugh at my poor attempts to unravel His thoughts.  Even Moses, as serious as he was, knew with a wry thought “the secret things belong to the Lord our God but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever…” Deut 29:29
All of us are directed to seek His Face, ponder and study His self-revelation, and speak of the reveled things forever to the following generations.  Speculative things?  Remember: Secret (unrevealed) things belong solely to Him alone.  I have to face it: That which God has given us is enough for generations and generations.
So what about Proverbs 11:1?  At first glance this looks like an “integrity in finance and trade” deal: Don’t cheat.  God doesn’t like cheaters.   OK, got it: don’t put my finger on the scale.
But what else is there in this?  Could this have another level of understanding and application I need to dig out?  I think so…
What about my walk in the Gospel?  What about my walk in Christ?  What about how I see other people?
Do I intentionally put myself ahead of others, think better of myself than someone else, or think that “now I am in Christ; I am morally superior?”  In other words: “Am I employing a false balance concerning myself?”
I have heard “There, but for the grace of God, go I…”  That isn’t just a whimsical statement of biblical principle, it is a mind set to look at our world with.  A song lyric I am familiar with: “How can I judge the ones who fall when I know in my heart I am just like them all…”
And that is the additional point of Proverbs 11:1-When I look at others, see their actions, speak to them I must remember I am at the core just like them but redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.  There is nothing that I contribute to redemption only bowing to the Majesty of His Grace.  That is why I can preach the Good News of Jesus with love and care.  When I use a false balance I am just like those who preach falsely, wolves in sheep’s clothing. (2 Cor 11:12; Jude 12)
“I must confess my righteousness, Jesus, must rest in You…”


Father, it is so small a step from humbling serving You to commending myself before others.  The lie is I have become something to be commended about in You when the truth is I don’t deserve Your Grace but have been given everything.  I suck at being grateful and look for every opportunity to complain and do for myself what I think I ought to have.  How can I bow my head to You when I struggle like this?  Answer: Only by You and You alone.
Make me into Your image, Lord Jesus.  Help me to humble myself before You.  I want my every breath to be aligned with Your Word; my heart to beat in adoration of You.  I want to see myself accurately through the lens of the Gospel and know, every day, what I was and what I am by Your amazing grace. AMEN.