Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.


These Proverbs continue to provide guidance and wisdom with short statement that require us to think about the long term implications of our actions.

In this verse, it states that someone relying on their own judgment, without God’s guidance, can choose poorly even though the choice seems to be the right one at the time.


Some decisions in life don’t really have many consequences. It doesn’t matter that much if I have a turkey or ham sandwich for lunch. But other choices can have much greater long term consequences. It seems that often I make both types of decisions on my own when I am comfortable and only rely on God to help me make the difficult ones or when I am in a bind.

When we relying on man’s judgement what seems to be a good path initially ends with very bad consequences. Often, we find ourselves in bad situations asking God to help us get out. It was a situation He didn’t want us to be in, we chose, and yet we still expect Him to get us out.

A path that may seem good or easy or pleasurable does not mean it is the best path. I should not look for the easy path but the Godly path. I know that is easier said than done, especially when things are going well. But, if I am honest with myself I understand and know that very few things and very few paths I have chosen by myself have turned out well.

I should not rely on my own wisdom, experience and knowledge but turn to God and ask him for guidance and wisdom. I should not rely on my understanding or the world’s understanding of issues. I should lean of God and His understanding.


Father I ask you for guidance and wisdom. Some choices in life are not very meaningful yet others can deliver long term consequences. Help me to seek your guidance, your wisdom and your path, not mine. Help me to make my decisions based on your kingdom, not mine.