Scripture: vs. 16 “Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble with it”

Observation: the writer of this proverb is arguing the fact that obtaining a “fear of the Lord” is more valuable than obtaining great treasure. We can also say it’s true that great treasure can never buy a trouble-free life. He never argues that having great treasure is inherently bad but we can conclude that the treasure is cheap compared to the richness of this reverence towards the Lord almighty.

Application: I think often times asking the right questions is more important than finding the right answers. The question is not whether or not you have too much treasure, the question is asking yourself where your treasure is. Or how about this question: Do you have a reverence & fear of the Lord with the treasure you currently have, whether it’s little or great? Do we truly believe intimacy with the Lord is of more value to our lives than the promotion that we’re chasing or the dream car that we’re pursuing? Be intentional this week to ask the right questions. Evaluate your life. Where is your treasure? Ask the Lord to give you heart that treasures Him above all else.

Prayer: Lord thank you for a new week. A week of new opportunities to know you more and to glorify you if the work we do. Forgive me Lord for so often times pursuing anything but you as my treasure. Give me the strength to fight against those temptations. Thank you for the grace and mercy when we fall short.