Journal Prov 16 (all references are from the ESV unless noted otherwise; changes in punctuation are mine)

Scripture: “The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.” Prov 16:4

Observation: The Holy Spirit brings a challenging word from time. Do you think that this one is a puzzler for a lot of people?

Analysis: I reckon most folks think in black and white.

And when I think of God, the black and white tendency doesn’t change.

It is just so much easier to consider the state of the world (if not creation) as a conflict, a battle, between Good and Evil, right?

So, if I extrapolate that reasoning further, I could consider the Eternal Conflict as between God and Satan/Lucifer/the Devil. Or, if I cannot in conscience bring Eternal God into this equation, then I must go “second tier” and say the Conflict is between Jesus and the Devil; after all, I have the story in Matt 4 to guide me into this thinking—but Matt 4 doesn’t say that at all. If I skim and read lightly, I can lean precariously into this Jesus v. Satan thinking, but even a slightly deeper study refutes that—the concept is bogus to the max.

However, this Dualism thinking is what most folks fall into—because the thinking isn’t challenged by clear, biblical reasoning. Lazy minds fall into the dualism trap.

Shucks, most Christians don’t even challenge themselves, the Face in the Mirror, preferring stinking thinking over pursuit of the Word; many of them retreat to something less controversial.

Proverbs 16:4 plainly says: The Lord made everything for its own purpose. This simple statement falls into the plain understanding that God is Creator. Stop. Therefore, when my mind and reasoning (powered by the sinful creature that I am, looking to have my noggin renewed (Ro 12:2)) conflicts with what the Word of God plainly says, then I should put my reactionary reasoning on hold and adhere to God’s Word—even if it takes a while to put all the pieces of the Gospel puzzle together for understanding.

There are some things that are made for wickedness, even people. Why? Plainly because it serves a purpose of God. (c. Romans 9) I can say that “I don’t understand; that doesn’t fit the God I know”—and with that statement I know I have made an Idol that is not the true representation of God.

This quote out of Proverbs today exposes a difficult, but necessary, understanding of the Gospel that I get to wrap my mind about one more day. It is not, nor can it be, a simple precept that I can go, “Ok, got it. What else?” Because I am mortal and have clay between my ears, it is a lifelong struggle to understand the works and ways of the Eternal Trinity.

Prayer: Father, I hope I did this subject justice today. Every time I try to tackle it, I feel (no, I know) I come up short—because I know that I am not representing You well; just doing the best I can.

Please keep the readers solid in their faith but questioning their own understanding in a way that drives them to Your Word and on the shoulders of the saints that have gone before; those folks whose lives were wrapped in love seeking Your Face.


Ricky Two Shoes