Proverbs 20:1 
Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler,
and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.


Alcohol doesn’t lead to anything good. Using either is not wise.


I understand the draw of alcohol. Numbing of the senses, less inhibitions, relaxing the nerves. We live in a keyed up, on the go, high stress society. Who wouldn’t want to unplug a little? However the scripture makes it clear.
Using alcohol isn’t wise.

A few things:

-wise/unwise instead of right/wrong
As someone in ministry in baptist churches for the last 20years the alcohol thing is always debated about in the wrong context. It is presented as wrong or sinful. Anyone who studies the scripture realizes this isn’t true. However, the issue isn’t whether drinking itself is sinful. It is rather that it isn’t wise. In other words, doing it can lead you down a path in which you are more vulnerable to foolishness, folly and sin.

-NOT a hill worth dying on
I have seen young planters not associate with our denomination because of a “no-drinking clause” if they receive financial support. This to me is crazy. If you feel that strongly about your freedom to drink alcohol as a church leader, there is probably a problem. I get sticking to a principle that it shouldn’t be a disqualifier, but having a freedom to drink should not be important enough to sacrifice the association with a denomination committed to spreading the gospel and supporting planters.

-complete the sentence
I drank and ______________ happened. I honestly don’t think that sentence ever ends well. Drinking, especially in excess doesn’t lead to making wise choices, expanding the kingdom, or being empowered by the Spirit. If we ever find ourselves reliant upon a beer, a glass of wine, a shot , a pill or any other vice in order to be comfortable, ourselves, or brave then we are replacing the Spirit with that vice.


God help me be reliant upon you and nothing else. Your spirit leads me to wisdom. Strong drink leads to folly.