Proverbs 24:26 – Whoever gives an honest answer

kisses the lips


A true friend/brother, who has wisdom, will not avoid or overlook problems but honestly share them with someone.  The friend, if wise, will receive the constructive correction.


There are many ways how a need for change can be presented and received.  In today’s society, I think about star athletes or entertainers who all have their posse/crew mainly composed of “yes man” who go along with whatever is happening as long as the money and good times are flowing.  When there is a problem, many are hesitant to speak up and the easy thing to do is turn a blind eye and say, “all good dog”!  As a true friend, I must avoid the temptation to pass on the opportunity to speak gently in love and truth to someone who is on a path for destruction. I need to be in the word and in prayer for the spirit to give me the right words and for a friend to have an open mind/heart to receive counsel. Even when done in love, the message can initially be misinterpreted and received as hurtful/offensive.  Though it can be difficult, we must do this in kindness and truth to help someone grow.  



Thank you for love, grace and mercy in loving us while we were sinners to be reconciled to you.  Let your Spirit guide me with the right words/actions to share with friends who a facing difficult situations.  May you go before and open their heart and minds to receive correction in love.