Proverbs 25

Scripture: [16] If you find honey, eat just enough— too much of it, and you will vomit.


You can literally have too much of a good thing.  Like too much honey will cause you to vomit, too much of other things that taste good or feel good can cause adverse reactions.


Whether it be food, money, popularity, whatever..  The “good thing” can become something you chase after, get obsessed with, or over indulge in.  Even though you say it could never happen to you, this can become your new god a little at a time if you’re not aware of the possibility.

As good as it seems, too much attention to what seems to be a good thing, can cause you to loose focus on other important things in life – family, church, and most importantly, God.  Before we know it, your Lord and Savior is no longer the center of your life.  Your new god is.  This is where your thoughts are.  This is where your focus is.

You had a good thing, which turned into too much of a good thing, and you lost the good thing.  And.. your good thing caused you to loose focus on the best thing ever, Christ Jesus.  Let this not be your story.


Lord I pray this isn’t my story.  Thank You for giving me Your power to overcome temptations the enemy sets out for me – temptations to overindulge in the wonderful sights, tastes, sounds, feelings that You provide for me.  Lord help me stay focused on You and Your will for my life.  Amen.