Proverbs 28:14 Blessed is the one who fears the Lord always, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity.


Fearing God is not circumstantial. It is a position of the heart regardless of the situation. Fearing God leads to a softening of the heart and a willingness to submit and obey, even in difficult and costly times. When we harden our hearts we close ourselves off from the voice of God and instead listen to only our own opinion, or the point of view of the wicked.


Fearing the Lord is a drive towards integrity and uprightness in heart, mind and deed. It is not influenced by situation, outside pressure, or circumstance. It happens when we realize the omnipresence of the Lord and we have a desire to honor, obey and serve him regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Our heart softens and we are shapable, moldable and humble.

However when we harden our hearts we get tunnel vision. We see things only from our perspective. We close off from the voice of God and instead of being influenced by the Spirit we are vulnerable to be influenced by the loudest voices.

A few things:

-Fearing the Lord is more natural is difficult circumstances. When pressure mounts from people, when the situation is bleak, when you feel attacked, it is easier to run to the Lord and submit to Him every aspect of life. However, when things are good, life is easy and we are coasting, fearing God can be an afterthought. Instead we fear everything else. We can easily fear man, fear problems, fear anything that might impact our peace. This passage calls us to fear God always. I can’t afford to only fear God when everything seems difficult or hard. I can’t live a life of being desperate for Him only when I sense life is desperate around me. Fear Him now. Fear Him in the moment of peace, before the sun rises and the phone hasn’t rang yet and the problems haven’t started. Fear Him always.

-Hard heads can be dealt with. Hard hearts are dangerous. Sometimes I can get my head set in a direction and be stubborn. However I can not allow a hard head to become a hard heart. A hard heart looses all sight of the big picture. A hard heart closes itself off to God and fears everything but God. A hard heart puts me and everyone else in danger. Your word softens my heart, time in prayer softens my heart, your Spirit softens my heart, the fellowship of Godly friends softens my heart. A pliable heart is an incredible tool for the Kingdom. A hard heart is a tool for the enemy.

-Calamity comes to all. However the hard of heart fall into it. It is one thing to walk in calamity, it is another to fall into it. May I know the difference. May I realize quickly when I am hardening my heart and repent. If not, I most surely will fall into calamity.


Father, lead me this morning. Lead me to a life of fearing you all the time. Fearing you in the quietness and privacy of a moment. Fearing you in a room of people. Fearing you when life is good. Fearing you when life is difficult. May I learn to notice when my heart is beginning to harden. May I not be ok with it at all. May I not get comfortable hardening my heart against anyone, especially you.