Proverbs 7:1  My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you.


This is a lesson from a father to a son. It is told through a story of a young man who is led by a prostitute. It is a story of a simple mean who get seduces by a temptress. This man does not go looking for trouble but it finds him and he falls victim to her words.   While he may not have been searching for her, she was searching for him. He puts himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.


I must heed my Father’s words and keep them in mind. Heed means to pay attention. Be on alert. The enemy has a plan. They will go to great lengths to use it on believers to gain some advantage. They prey on weaknesses to entice and present a picture that seems better and more attractive that it really is. Just like the act of the adulteress in this story, the enemy will be deceitful and deadly.  I am in danger the moment I let my guard down. 

Remember to not trade what I want most for what I want now. In this story, what the temptress was offering is fleeting. One night, at the most, and the damage had been done. Almost always what is tempting in my life is fleeting. I should always ask what would the wise person do?  The simple person in this story was not wise enough to realize he had put himself in this position. I need to seek wisdom. I need to ask other that are wise.


Help me to realize Your perspective for my life. Your wisdom is enough. Your guidance is the only guidance I need. Allow me to get out of the way and use Your wisdom and guidance to provide direction.