Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.


Wisdom, personified in this proverb, loves those who love it. Wisdom also doesn’t hide. It is able to be found when some seeks it.


Wisdom isn’t hard to find if you look for it. Scripture teaches later that if you lack wisdom just ask God for it and he will give it. God doesn’t intend for mankind to act in ignorance and walk around in the dark. He desires for us to walk in the light and know His will. Yet in my life and in many I influence it seems that we dodge wisdom. Instead of seeking it out we avoid it because we would rather make decisions influenced and fueled by temporary and fleeting desires. Instead of loving wisdom and being loved by wisdom, I can make myself wisdom’s enemy by embracing folly. Sometimes the wise thing to do means waiting longer for satisfaction. Sometimes the wise thing to do cost the most initially. Sometimes the wise thing to do includes denial of self and service towards others. It is in those moments that many stop seeking after and loving wisdom. We would rather the quick fix, the gut feeling, the sensible decision than the one that might be a little more complex and cost us a little bit more initially.

Loving wisdom promises a return of love. Loving folly never gets me love back, only disaster.

Few steps:

-Get out of the moment. Though a decision will impact the moment it will also impact the future.

-Get beyond me. Though the decision will impact me, it will also further impact others.

-love wisdom. It will love me back.


Father thank you for this. Much needed. May I pursue wisdom. It is just better.