Title: I, Wisdom

“The Lord possessed me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of old.  Ages ago I was set up at the first; before the beginning of the earth.  When there were no depths I was brought forth when there were no springs abounding with water.

When He established the heavens, I was there.  When He made firm the skies above, established the fountains of the deep, when He assigned to the sea its limit (so that the waters might not transgress His command), when He marked out the foundations of the earth—I was beside Him, like a master workman and I was daily His delight; rejoicing before Him always, rejoicing in His inhabited world and delighting in the children of man.

And now O sons, listen to me: Blessed are those how keep my ways.  (Proverbs 8:22-32)


How important is Wisdom?  We don’t talk about wisdom in this way.  Maybe we should start again?


Did you ever get into the rhythm of treating the Scripture clinically?  I have.  There are times where I get into the Word of God and I am just pounding data into my noggin.  Same thing when I read books other than the Bible.  Pounding in Bible data-not a bad practice but perhaps can be a bit clinical.  It is a good thing that the Spirit brings all things into remembrance.

This section of Proverbs though-Wisdom is portrayed as a living, breathing, entity.  At the beginning of His Work, before time began Wisdom was the first thing created.  Wherever God moved, placed His Hand, breathed upon the earth, the waters, the sky-Wisdom was there working like a master workman.  Here is how the intimate interaction went between God and Wisdom: “I (Wisdom) was daily His delight.”  And Wisdom’s response: “…rejoicing before Him always; rejoicing in His inhabited world; and delighting the children of man.”

Do I let my imagination soar concerning the Word of God, His testimony of Himself?  Do I take time to think deeply concerning His self-revelation?  Am I awe struck?

Wisdom is not only the regurgitation of knowledge mixed with experience.  In a significant way, wisdom is supernatural, a gift of God.  A communicable attribute of God is Wisdom, although in Man it is only a shadow compared to the Creator.

But Wisdom, that is something to seek.  How many times in the Proverbs does “get Wisdom” or its antithesis “Don’t be a fool” appear?  Proverbs is very clear: “Want wisdom?  Then get wisdom.”

Wisdom doesn’t come as a function of time, knowledge, and experience.  It is something to be chased down and captured.


Lord God: I want to be wise.  I want wisdom to ooze out of my pores, my mouth, and my heart.  I want wisdom in my heart and mind to beat in tandem with You and Your Word, harmoniously and with a melody to the King singing “Only You, O Lord, deserve honor and glory and praise.”  Help me get wisdom.  Please delight in this prayer and answer me.  AMEN.