Vs 1 Blessed is the man

who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
vs 2 but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
and on his law he meditates day and night.

Vs 3 … In all that he does, he prospers.




The Psalmist describes the greatest contrast of people to begin the psalms.

In one category is the one who is “blessed”.

In the other category is the “wicked”, “sinner”, “scoffer”.


The psalmist first states what NOT to do.

Do NOT “walk” in the counsel of the wicked.

Do NOT “stand” in the way of sinners.

Do NOT “sit” in the seat of the scoffer.

These are all actions to avoid.

So … don’t take advice from bad folks.

Don’t hang too closely with those living bad ways.

And don’t be the one that just ridicules and disdains everything.


On the other hand, the psalmist distinguishes then what TO DO.

If I want to be the blessed person,

I must “delight” in the law and “meditate” on the law.

Interestingly, “Delight” and “Meditate” are both internal actions,

Juxtaposed to the external actions to avoid … “walk”, “stand”, “sit”.


In other words, the “blessing” begins from within!




Where is my head? … And … Where is my heart?

What am I thinking and what am I feeling?

These, it seems, the psalmist is telling right from the beginning are what’s most important.


I want to concentrate on what I am “doing”.

I want to think that what I “do” will make my life better … or more “blessed”.


But the psalmist states, “What are you delighting in?” … “Where’s your heart?”

If it’s not God’s Word …. I’m going to “walk”, “stand”, and “sit” in the wrong direction and wrong place.

The psalmist also states, “What are you meditating on? … “Where’s your head?”

If it’s not God’s Word … I’m going to “scoff” … “sin” … and ultimately … “wither”.


I must be thinking and feeling the correct way about the correct thing … God’s Word.

I must have the right head and heart posture about God’s Word.

And it must be both.

I can think … “meditate” … about God’s Word all day … but if I don’t “delight” in it,

Then I could become like the Pharisee who had God’s Word memorized, but with no heart for people.

Or I can feel … “delight” … about God’s Word in the moment … but if I don’t “meditate” on it,

Then I could become the flimsy follower … who lasts for a little while … and then fades away.


Do I want to be like the seed who fades and withers like the parable of the soils?

Or do I want to be like a tree that is fruitful and a leaf that does not whither?

The difference is my inner posture to God’s Word …

My head and my heart …

I must “meditate” on it … and “delight” in it!




Thank you, again, God, for Your Word!

Guide me in it, open my eyes to it.

Soften my heart to it an sharpen my mind for it!

Help me crave it

In Jesus name