Psalm 119:81 – My soul longs for your salvation; I hope in your word.


The psalmist strongly desires for his soul to be saved by God.  Salvation comes from God not from man.  The hope of the psalmist is in the word of God not in things of the world.


Psalm 119:81 succinctly summarizes how I should feel about God and live for Him.  Our greatest need is the gospel and salvation from our sin through Jesus. Jesus is the living word and our only hope is in Christ.  Yet, am I on fire for God daily that he sent Jesus to rescue me or does my flame flicker with business of life?  I have to be in the word and prayer to hear from God and be connected with Him.  My hope has to be solidly placed on the saving work of Jesus on the cross not things of man.  The gospel is the greatest news the world will ever know and we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with all.




Let me desire you and your salvation daily.  Have my hope be in you and help me share that hope with a world that desperately needs you.