Scripture –

Psalm 119:10 – With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments Observation –
In Psalm 119, the psalmist is pointing to the importance of God’s word and following His precepts. The psalmist is following the first commandment by taking action to follow God with the entirety of his heart. The psalmist then asks for protection to keep him on the path of righteousness to follow God’s ways.

Application –
I must actively seek after God with my mind, my soul and all of my heart. God loves me and wants a relationship with me but he has given me free will an I have to choose to follow him. He does not only want my intellect or part of my heart but my whole heart to be aligned with His. In order to follow God, I must know and have a relationship with Him by being in His Word to understand His commandments. My heart should break for what breaks God’s heart. I have to rely on the power of the Spirit to guide me to stay on the path to follow Jesus. To wander away form God I just have to start with one step then another.

Prayer – Father,
Thank you for the truth in your Word and your love, grace and mercy in sending Jesus to redeem me so I can have a relationship with you to make you known. Let the power of the Spirt have me seek you with all my heart and be focused on Jesus to glorify your name.