[97] Oh how I love your law!
It is my meditation all the day.


As the longest chapter in the bible, Psalm 119 is packed full of gems. The psalmist loves God’s word so much that he meditates on it every waking hour. He goes on to give some reasons why he loves the Word of God – makes me wiser than my enemies, more understanding than my teachers and the aged, sweeter than honey to my mouth..


Loving the Word doesn’t just mean to understand the Word and to abide by it. Loving the Word means that deep within our heart we love God’s promises, love God’s commands, and love God’s righteous judgement. It means that we listen to the Lord and love being obedient to His will for us. As true believers, it is not a chore to love the Word. It is a feeling deep within the heart that nobody can take away.  Being filled with the Spirit and continuing to follow Jesus, this love for the Word becomes stronger and stronger.

This is the word given to us by our creator, our Lord, our Father in heaven. We have been chosen by him and adopted into his royal family. He is our Father, we are his sons and daughters. He loves us more than anyone on this earth ever could. How can we, as true believers, not love the Word given to us by our Lord under these circumstances?

Meditating on God’s Word all the day is to love our Lord, and the Word He gives us, so much that we fill your mind and heart with it. It means truly listening to what God has to say and being obedient to Him. It means absorbing it and letting it permeate our thoughts and actions. It means every word we speak and every action we take is filtered by His embedded will for us. It means being truly dependent on Him and it means truly repenting when our sinful nature gets the best of us.

Lord I love you. Thank you for choosing me and loving me. Thank you for leaving your living Word and your Spirit to guide me. In Jesus’ holy name I pray. Amen.