Psalm 119: 97

97 Oh how I love your law!
It is my meditation all the day.


As the middle of this Psalm we see David valuing what in his time drew him close
To God, revealed his nature of sin, gave him wisdom in the world, and gave his access to the Father. His heart is revealed in verse 97.


Oh man I wish this verse were my words. As I read the rest of the verses there we so many words of Hope and adoration to God because of his law and the protection that God gives to his children whom obey. But I couldn’t get past this first verse as this isn’t true of me. Unfortunately, I sometimes view Gods commands as hindering. Though I know this isn’t true, I can live my life seeing what I can or cannot do and because of my sin nature feel like I’m missing out. This is such a lie of the enemy but still very real personally. I don’t meditate on the law and Word of God Day and night. I have to many other things I distract and consume myself with. This is sinful and wicked at its core. David was a man who got what it meant to be desperate and only desiring God, that is why his reliance was only on the God and his Word. I must be diligent to get in the Word not as a check it off task, but a task to meet with the Father.


Father help me pursue you. Lead me away from the things that pull me away from you and guide me to your presence. Forgive me father for choosing other things rather than time with you. I’m a sinner in need of your grace, please extend it.