Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path



God’s word provides light where there is darkness and illuminates the path towards God that we should follow.  The word of the Lord gives guidance for all situations we encounter.  The light from the word of God gives us hope and is life. Jesus is the living Word of God who followed all the precepts of the law and came as God’s message to the world. 



In order for God’s word to guide me, I must be in God’s word to know what it says.  God’s word gives me my hope for salvation in the gospel of Jesus.  God’s way can deliver me from dark to light from death to life.  Once I read and study the word of God, it is merely not for knowledge sake or to be religious.  I have to submit to God and continually follow Jesus example along His path of life for me. 




Thank you for the truth in your word and sending Jesus as they living Word to proclaim your message of love and salvation.  Help me to be in your word daily and trust in you to follow your path of light for me.