Vs 1 “Save, O Lord, for the godly one is gone; for the faithful have vanished …”

Vs 2 “Everyone utters lies to his neighbor… ”


Vs 6 “The words of the Lord are pure words …”

Vs 7 You, O Lord, will keep them;




Vs 1 “How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?”


Vs 5 “But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.”




The two back to back Psalms show David in a desperate place.

David is sorrowful, even, to use a “bible” word, lamenting.

But he’s sorrowful for two different reasons.


In Psalm 12, he’s sad for the whole population and community around him. (“the faithful have vanished”, “everyone utters lies”)


In Psalm 13, he’s sad for himself. (“Will you forget me forever? Hide your face from me?”)


But David has a solution to both troubles.

In a world full of lies, God’s Word is pure.

In a world of loneliness, God’s salvation is joyful.




Wouldn’t it be nice if the death and resurrection of Jesus meant these “laments” were only a worry of the past?


Yet, today, particularly in the midst of political turmoil, they seem more relevant than ever.

I even find myself thinking “everyone utters lies” and “the godly ones are gone”!

Or I’ll think, “we need you to show up bigtime God!”, “Don’t hide God! Show yourself in the middle of this chaos and the world will change!”


But I need to remember what David knew … go back to the Word of God.

When everything around me proves itself impure, it is God’s Word that’s pure.

When the chaos of culture leaves me feeling lacking, I need to be filled by God’s Word.


And it is this that also solves the second sorrow.

When God seems absent, He will reveal Himself in His word.

And it will remind me of His love for not only me, but all people … even the ones I’m perhaps too quick to judge as “liar” or “unfaithful”.


And it’s God’s Word that reminds me that God is only “hidden” when His followers hide Him.

Jesus said we will see Him when we love and serve others.

I am loved and saved by God.

Regardless of what’s going on around me, this is cause for rejoicing.

And the steadfast love of God should cause me to love others, especially when they seem unlovely.




God, thank you for your Word.

Forgive me when I crave the nonsense of the world around me more than the purity of your word.

Help me to see you in it,

and allow it to transform me to love others the way you love me.

In Jesus name,