Psalm 124:1-2
If it had not been the Lord who was on our side—let Israel now say—if it had not been the Lord who was on our side when people rose up against us,


The psalmist mediates on this truth, “had it not been for the Lord…”


This is a healthy thing to meditate on. Sometimes life gets going and it is easy to take the presence, power and promises of God for granted. However, if I sit and think this morning about this, my spirit is renewed and my heart is full of thanksgiving.

Had it not been for the Lord who was on my side…

-I would have stayed lost.
-I would have gone down the same path as my family.
-I would have been defined by my mistakes.
-I would have never known perfect love.
-I would never experienced grace.
-I would have never known the blessing of leading anyone to the Lord.
-I wouldn’t have met my wife.
-I wouldn’t have my kids.
-I wouldn’t have a song in my heart.
-I wouldn’t know pure joy.
-I wouldn’t have know the peace of being in His presence.
-I wouldn’t have security when my life seems shaky.
-I wouldn’t have met the people I call my friends.
-I wouldn’t have had 20+ years of the joy of ministry.
-I wouldn’t have a clear sense of purpose.
-I wouldn’t have anywhere to go or anyone to run to in my deepest pains and hurts.
-I wouldn’t have experienced healing.
-I would never felt the feeling of the Lord using me or His Spirit flowing through me to help others.
-I would have never heard His voice.
-I wouldn’t know His word.
-I wouldn’t have a rock to cling to.
-I wouldn’t have led my family in prayer or had the strength to lead or encourage them.
-I wouldn’t have planted a church or got involved with planters.
-I wouldn’t know Good Life, or had the joy of seeing a community respond to Jesus and the body of believers grow in depth and discipline.
-I wouldn’t have traveled and seen the nation.
-I would have never been to India.
-I wouldn’t have seen His miraculous power
-I would never had experienced His deliverance.
-I wouldn’t know the power of forgiveness.
-I wouldn’t be your son. I wouldn’t know you as Father.
-I would still be lost, broken and dead inside.

I must remember this today as I love out my life and invest in others. Especially those who don’t know Jesus. So much of my life revolves around and is dependent on Jesus. I need to see others without Jesus as missing out on life, Joy, peace and salivation. I can’t afford to assume they are ok without Him or assume someone else will tell them or show them.


Father, I could go on and on. Had it not been for the Lord… You have been so good to me. You have rescued, redeemed and revitalized my existence. Had it not been for you, I would have nothing, know nothing and have done nothing that matters in this life. Had it not been for the Lord.