Scripture – 

Psalm 134:10 –  Teach me to do your will, for you are my God!  Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!

Observation – 

David is calling out to God for protection as he knows no one is righteous before a holy God.  David acknowledges that he is God’s servant. He asks God to instruct him to do His will.  David asks God to have God’s good Spirit guide him on a steady path not to veer from His ways.

Application – 

Psalm 143 is so rich in humble application. First, I must realize that I am not righteous before God. I am only saved by grace and the blood of Christ shed for me at Calvary to overcome death on the 3rd day.  Once I get that and realize whose I am, then I am able to understand who I am. God, you are my God who paid the cost for me that I could not pay on my own.  Therefore, I should want to follow you. I have to submit and allow myself to follow your will. I can’t do things contrary to your ways and be in your will.  I have to know and follow you and seek to make you known here and amongst the nations.  I have to let the power of the Holy Spirit guide me not to turn and fall into pits that the evil one has placed before me and to keep striving on a path towards you.  

Prayer –

Father, Thank you for sending Jesus so I can be reconciled to you and have you be may God!  Let the power of the Holy Spirit guide me to do your will to love you, love my neighbors and extend your glory.