Scripture:  Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips! Ps 141:3


Observation:  I seem to remember that the Bible refers to two things more than any other thing or things: 1) Money, and; 2) things of the Mouth. Isn’t it something that God brings to my attention the two things that cause the most turmoil in my life?


Analysis:  I wanted to refer to several verses from Ps 141 through Ps 143—just to be flowery and wordy.  As I started to copy all the verses I selected, I was stopped at this one alone.  Not because the rest of the 3 chapters didn’t have things I needed to remember and reflect upon, but that this one is a keystone in continuing and improving discipleship.


“Set a guard over my mouth.”  Boy, do I need that most of the time.


It isn’t because the Father doesn’t want me to talk or to keep my pie-hole shut, I think it is because He is teaching me to say the things that account for godliness alone.


What does that mean?  Sometimes I don’t know—until after those words escape from between my lips.  Then, I slap my forehead and call myself names that I shouldn’t repeat here.


I can enumerate my vocal failures many times more than my vocal successes.  It is just that way.


Proverbs says a lot about the effect of words and the tongue—it also talks about my character and the words that I speak—good character, good words and the converse: bad words and the reflective questionable character.


The Psalmist writes: “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing unto You.” (Ps 19:14)


I have concluded that if I want to be known as godly and not a fool, I make my words few but powerful and valuable.  Solomon wrote about words: “Like apples of gold, in settings of silver, is a word fitly spoken.” (Prov 25:11)


Prayer:   Lord, this is a continuing lesson you have laid upon me for a long, long time.  I can measure godliness in me by the quick memory you bring, Holy Spirit, of the conduct of my mouth.


I repeat with the Psalmist: Keep a guard over my mouth, allow me to keep watch over the door of my lips, that I may honor You all my days.  AMEN