Psalm 16:5  Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.


 In this psalm, David praises God for several things that are apparent in his life. He praises God for being the only truly good thing, for being one of His people, for his portion or spiritual inheritance and for the Lord’s guidance and council.  David knows that God will keep him safe affirming that God is both a sovereign God and a God that keeps His promises.


 Sometimes it is the little things in life that we need to remember. We get too caught up in our health, wealth and our what is happening around us that we forget who is in control. My God is a God that deserves my praise and thanks. He is a God that loved me first and wants to have a relationship with me. Putting my faith and trust in God and all that He has provided and promised is enough.

 His portion for me is enough. I don’t need more money or more stuff. I don’t need the promotion or a bigger house or newer car. I want the promotion to get the bigger house and all the stuff.  Sometimes I need a reminder that He is enough. I have been provided with a spiritual inheritance that is waiting for me and others because of our belief in Jesus Christ and his resurrection from the dead.

 I must focus my attention and praise now to the one that provides. I must be thankful for all that God has done for me and provided to me.


Father, thank you for being my provider, my counselor, my guide and my protector. You are enough. You are all I need and a relationship with you is what I should strive most for in my life. Thank you for sending your son and keeping your promises.