He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me…
He restores me…


He does.

God is the doer. God is the one who leads me & restores me & who comforts me. He does the work. Not me. Our God is a sovereign God & that means that he has taken it upon himself to do the work of saving us, of carrying us to quiet waters. He does the leading, the saving, the purifying, the sanctifying, all the work necessary for saving me. I don’t, can’t help him save me. He does 100%. I simply rest in it.

He is King over my life & my salvation. I have no need to fear that I will fall away, or be lost, he has me. He does.


Rest in the Sovereignty of our God. Look to Him as the author & perfecter of our faith. We don’t have to work in such a way hoping that we will be saved or hoping that we will make it to the end. He has us. He is the one who has taken it upon himself to do the saving & the carrying. And thank God for that, because if it was up to us, we would have no hope.


Thank you Lord for making it your mission, for your name sake to save me until it is complete. You didn’t half way save me, you, like a Good father will not rest until it is complete. Thank you Lord, I pray that as a church this would be a beautiful truth that we believe and live in & through! Do this work in our hearts.