Journal Ps 24-26 (all references are from the ESV; changes in punctuation are mine)

Scripture: “For your name’s sake, O Lord—pardon my guilt, for it is great.” Ps 25:11


Observation:  Why was Jesus hung on a Cross?  For His name’s sake…


Analysis: In the call to “accept Jesus”, it is not often that the reason offered is because the Creator should/must be honored.  Shucks, it isn’t even a byline of reason most times.


I wonder if that is the reason for Jesus’ instruction to the disciples to “go and preach the Kingdom?”


Redemption is ALL of the Trinitarian God’s decision; the Plan was his before time began; the Process was His invention; the Execution of the Plan and Process was all His; and the Results, the complete Results are all His.


There isn’t anything that He hadn’t known from before the command, “Let there be light.”


Why?  His primary goal and objective – that His Name is glorified.


The Psalmist, by some supernatural intuition, knew this: “For Your Name and your name alone, O God, pardon my overwhelming, tremendous, and bottomless guilt.”


Do I get some benefit from being pardoned of my Guilt before God the Judge?  Yes.  But why did Jesus willingly go to the Cross?  First and foremost—to honor His Father.


I tend to be myopic about the subject of forgiveness and redemption.  I lean to the effect that it is all about me and people like me—just people.  Would Jesus have gone to the Cross if I were the only person on the Planet?  Yeah, He would.  But not only that, He would have gone if there were nobody.  Jesus would have gone to the Cross to be obedient to His Father alone, with no other reward or objective.


It is the point of the scripture above: I live for, and to honor His Name and His Name alone.  Can I live like that?


Prayer:  Father, do I tend to think lesser thoughts because I am incapable of thinking higher thoughts?  Are you too great for me to think about?

Rubbish.  The more I think and consider You and Your ways, the more You share with me, and the foundations of Faith grow increasingly stronger and firmer.

Allow me to learn and see more of You, O God, my Redeemer.