Psalm 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times;
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.


The Psalmist makes the declaration that all times are appropriate for him to bless the Lord. He clarifies that his way of blessing the Lord is to praise him with his lips.


If I were to write this psalm it would sound something like this, I will bless the Lord when I feel like it. Or I will bless the Lord when things go my way. In 20 years of following Jesus I still struggle to praise him in the most difficult times. I still struggle to keep his name on my lips and praise when life seems to be going in a different direction then I desire.

However I am challenged when I read the Psalmist because I realize his life was much more difficult than mine. Though he was a king and had many things that I do not have, he also experienced levels of pain that I pray I never experience. He experienced levels of deep failure and immense repercussions. However in the midst of the darkest moments of his life David praise God.

Furthermore the greatest example of this is Jesus himself. I’m quickly reminded of how Jesus praised the father throughout every moment of his life. Victory, difficulty, success, rejection. Through it all He worshipped.

A couple things…

Faith is grown in difficult times. With each tough time I am getting the chance to learn to trust Him and praise Him through it. I must not attempt to avoid difficulties but rather trust Him in the middle of them.

In the easy times of life, I must not forget Him. I can do that as well. I can get so distracted by living life, managing my time and pleasing people that I miss praising Him.


In good times and bad, in all times, it is appropriate to worship you. To praise you with my lips and my life. May I not forget this today.