Psalm 44




Vs 1 O God, we have heard with our ears, our fathers have told us,
what deeds you performed in their days, in the days of old:

Vs 3 for not by their own sword did they win the land, nor did their own arm save them,
but your right hand and your arm, and the light of your face, for you delighted in them.

Vs 4 You are my King, O God; ordain salvation for Jacob!

Vs 6 For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me.
Vs 7 But you have saved us from our foes and have put to shame those who hate us.
Vs 8 In God we have boasted continually …


Vs 9 But you have rejected us and disgraced us …

Vs 14 You have made us a laughingstock among the peoples.
VS 15 All day long my disgrace is before me, and shame has covered my face

Vs 17 All this has come upon us, though we have not forgotten you,
and we have not been false to your covenant.
Vs 20 If we had forgotten the name of our God or spread out our hands to a foreign god,
VS 21 would not God discover this? For he knows the secrets of the heart.

Vs 23 Awake! Why are you sleeping, O Lord? Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever!
Vs 24 Why do you hide your face? Why do you forget our affliction and oppression?

Vs 26 Rise up; come to our help! Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love!




This is a despondent, gut-wrenching, mysterious, … yet, ultimately, hopeful Psalm.

The people boldly proclaim what God has done for their people in the past.

They are glad to remember the wonders of God.


And they even humbly recognize that they do not trust their own actions.

They give no credit to themselves for the greatness of their past … their “salvation”.

This was all God’s doing …

God “delights” in His people … and the people “boast” of their God!

Oh, what a wonderful world!!


This is what makes it so bewildering that their current circumstances are so awful.

They know God is fully capable of turning their condition around.

They remember when their enemies were “shamed”.

Why are they now “shamed” and “disgraced”?

Why is God not improving their situation now?


They are almost … maybe even actually, blaming God! … “God it’s your fault!”

The people have not denied God’s covenant, have not forgotten God, have not worshipped foreign gods!

And they know that God knows this … because they know God knows their hearts!

So why?


Their knowledge of who God is, and the state they are currently in, emboldens them to speak bluntly!







God can do whatever He pleases … Does this please me?


The first part of that statement is a really easy, simple fact to state … “God can do whatever He pleases.”

The second part is a really hard piece of self-introspection … “Does this please me?”


It’s easy when things are going great to be pleased with how wonderful God is.

But what about when things are going “not so great” … or how about downright awful, and disgraceful?


If I trust the “Sovereign King” when things are great, do I trust Him when they are not?

Well, I will only trust Him, if I trust that He is Good!

I must trust the character of the one who holds my life in His hands if I am to trust Him at ALL times.


I must trust that, in addition to His own name and covenant sake, … He has my good in mind.

He wants me to have “faith like a child” … and He is a good Father.

When I am in an awful place …

What good does God want to form in me?

What good does God want me to know about Him?


And God is so big, and so wonderous, and so sovereign … and so trustworthy …

When I do NOT  understand my circumstances … I can pray with simple words I DO understand!


He can handle my biggest cries and most obnoxious rants …




His “steadfast love” … His covenant … is bigger than my biggest rant.

He is trustworthy even in … especially in … mystery.

When I do not know what’s going on around me, I can know He wants what’s best for me.


God can do as He pleases … and this please me!




Thank you, God, for your Word

Thank you that you save me for your sake

Deal with me as good Father

Help me, Holy Spirit, to see and understand clearly

Give me your words when I only feel like ranting

In Jesus name,