Psalms 51
Have mercy on me, O God,
Wash me …
and cleanse me from my sin!
6 teach me …
7 Purge me …
8 Let me hear joy …
10 Create in me a clean heart …
12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation
13 then I will teach
14 my tongue will sing
15 my mouth will declare
17 a contrite heart heart you will not despise
19 … then you will delight in right sacrifices
David is showing the most absolute barest of raw humility here.
Everything, everything good in his life is an act of God!
Cleansing, hearing, teaching, restoring … God is the “doer” and “initiator” of all of it!
Every good act David does is a response to the goodness of God.
He wants to share how good God is.
Do I make sacrifices and then credit myself for what a great guy I am?
Do I even do the good and right thing … even waking up early to read the Word of God …. and then allow a tinge of pride to creep in?
David tells me there is a “right sacrifice”.
Then there is a wrong sacrifice.
It’s the sacrifice offered without having a contrite heart.
I need to recognize that it’s
God who cleanses
God who teaches
God who purges
God who delivers
God who restores!
And “then” … “then” … AFTER I recognize and acknowledge the One who does all this …
THEN I will teach … and I will sing …and  I will praise!!
God thank you for your word
Keep my heart contrite
Thank you for your forgives when I get too full of myself
Help me to know when to sacrifice and what to sacrifice
Help me know your presence
In Jesus name