Scripture: “Bless our God, O peoples; let the sound of his praise be heard…for You, O God, have tested us; you have tried us as silver is tried.  You have brought us into the net; you laid a crushing burden on our backs; you let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water…

Yet, you have brought us out to a place of abundance!

Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he has done for my soul.”  (excerpts from Ps 66:8-16)

Observation:  The Psalmist has a way to orient thinking as to keep my head on straight.  He sure avoids “eye-candy” scriptures out of context, doesn’t he?

Analysis: Today, this is a rant of sorts.  Hopefully I will be persuasive, biblically logical, and gentle.

In an inconsistent manner, I participate in a bible blog/discussion site.  Often, it has been a bible argument site, but lately the tone has subsided quite a bit—so much that participating is not as interesting has it has been in the past.

For me, I likened it to the group that CS Lewis participated in, where over a mug of ale, they discussed various points of scripture and doctrine.  Let me be transparent: I instigated as many arguments over scripture as I tried to settle.  Kept (and keeps) me thinking and drives me to study as a result.

Yesterday, there was a single post: “Jesus will fix all things.”  On the surface, doesn’t seem like much…but the sentiment isn’t scriptural as a bald, unassociated statement.  The Gospel doesn’t present God as a sugar daddy or Santa Claus.  And my preaching the Gospel should not hint of such thing.  I do a disservice to any and all in such a misrepresentation.

Caring for souls: the firm truths are the clean truths.  “Study to show yourself approved; accurately dividing the Word of Truth” is what Paul wrote to Timothy.

Memorizing scripture is admirable and necessary.  I need it to brace up my heart and to renew my little grey cells between my ears.

Organizing these memorizations are necessary as well.  Such organizations have a description, it is called Doctrine.  Doctrine allows the ability to organize thoughts and convictions into well-defined categories.  For instance: The Gospel is a doctrine; the End Times is a doctrine.  Even Jesus is a doctrine.  It’s how we learn.

God as a sugar daddy is not represented in the Scriptures.  Merciful God is.  My declaration to Him forever will be “Thank you for what you have done for me, I do not deserve it.”  To others it will be, “Hear me and I will tell of His Gospel and what He has done for my soul…”

Prayer:  Father, such a hard post to write today.  I sound so borderline mean here.  I have tried to be succinct and brief; gentle and reasonable; persuasive.  I hope that is the case.

What joy you bring to my soul as you unfold your Word, O God.  Thank you.  AMEN.