Vs 1 “May God be gracious to us and bless us …”

Vs 2 “that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.”

Vs 3 “Let all the peoples praise you!”


Vs 20 “Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer”



David has had something of a change here in these psalms compared to many leading up to this.

David has previously had a lot of thoughts along the lines of “hear me”, “grant me”, “deliver me”, “give me”, “let me”.

But now here David says, “be gracious to us” & “bless us”.


Even the purpose of David’s psalm and God’s grace & blessing is now looking beyond himself …

“saving power among the nations” …. “your way be known on earth” … “let all the peoples praise you”.


He even requests that God be the one who is blessed because this is the prayer that is not rejected!


This reminds me of when Jesus teaches his disciples to pray.

He taught them to pray in response to their question “teach us to pray”.

These were life-long praying men, but they saw something different in Jesus.

And when Jesus taught them, He prayed … “Our father” … “Give us” … “Forgive us” .. “Lead us” … “Deliver us”.



How do I usually pray? In the singular or in the plural?

“I” or “we” … “Me” or “us”?

I think it’s interesting that Jesus didn’t tell His apostles,

“You already know how to pray. You’ve been praying all your life. Just talk to God!”

Prayer and praise are clearly more than just “talking to God”.


When I commune with God, He’s changing my heart and mind … “Renewing” even.

He’s teaching me to think outside of and beyond myself.


God’s grace and purposes are not for me alone.

Even God’s blessings upon me are not for me alone.


And when I see God’s graciousness in my life, do I want others to see God’s “saving power” mentioned in verse 2?

Or am I just glad about God’s “giving power”?


I must remember to “Pray Plural”!


Anything God has done to me or through me, I need to understand is for His honor and His glory and that He would be further known!



God, thank you that you are a God that changes hearts and minds.

God help me see others the way you see them.

Give me your heart for all people, but especially the people you have put around me.

I pray they see your grace and your saving power.

Help me to make you known in whatever way I can today.

In Jesus name,