Psalm 77

Vs. 4 You hold my eyelids open;
I am so troubled that I cannot speak.

Vs. 11 I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
yes, I will remember your wonders of old.

Vs. 14 You are the God who works wonders.


The author is extremely tormented by some kind of trouble.
He has such angst that he can not even sleep … can’t even speak.
His mind is clearly active and pondering some major concern.
Since his mind is so active, he will choose what to make it active about: “I will remember the deeds of the Lord”.
Remembering that God has done good in the past, reminds him of the character of God, who God is.
This brings relief into the present. God is a God who “does wonders”, not just “did” wonders”.


My God is the God of Hope.
There is always Hope, because God is always good.
Even when my circumstances are such that I can’t sleep or just don’t even feel like talking to people because I’m distraught, there’s a remedy: “Remember His Wonders!”
I don’t ordinarily go to sleep easily. I lay awake for awhile, probably too long.
What am I allowing to occupy my thoughts?
Worry? Frustrations? Things that aren’t even in my control? Thoughts honoring to God?
God is a God of wonders!
And there is no greater wonder to remember than the resurrection of Jesus!
When I can’t close my eyes, I need to “fix my eyes on Jesus”
When I don’t feel like to speaking to others, I need to speak with Him first.
He is the God of wonders past and present!
Even if that “wonder” is to simply have a sense of peace or contentment in the midst of that struggle on that day, I need to recognize that the peace is a gift of God … that it is a “wonder”.
God is more concerned with my mind and heart inside me than my circumstances around me.
Am I? Do I share that concern? What do I allow to trouble me?
What do I lose sleep over? My inner condition or my external circumstances?
I need to remember the wonders of my God, and allow that to remind me of who He is today, even right now.


Thank you again, God, for your Word.
Help me remember your truth.
When I’m troubled by something new, remind me of your wonders.
Help me fix my eyes on Jesus.