Psalm 105:3-5  – Exalt in his holy name; rejoice you who worship the Lord.  Search for Lord and his strength; continually seek him.   


God is holy and we should derive joy from our praise of who God is.  God is there, but we need to look for him.  We can find our strength in the Lord.  Seeking God is an ongoing process not a one time or drop by when needed event.   


Every day, I have the ability to praise/worship God or turn my attention to other things.  God is deserving of my praise as he has rescued me from death.  There is great joy in what God has done so I can have a relationship with Him! God is omnipresent, but it takes a commitment on my part to follow Him.  In order to have a lasting relationship with God, I must be in his word and in prayer with Him daily.  This is not a check the box type of activity, but a path to follow Jesus.  Unlike many products that are advertised to enhance your strength, through the power of the Holy Spirit, my strength is from God.       



Thank you for your love and sending Jesus to rescue me! Help me worship and praise you for who you are and what you have done! May I continually seek you and have you be the source of my strength to serve you and others.