Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me. The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. Psalm 138:7-8


1. Even believers walk through trouble. 
2. God preserves our life in trouble.
3. God’s purposes will be fufilled. This is a promise.


There is this really preverse thinking and teaching out in the church today that says,

“God will save you from trouble.”
“God wants you to be blessed & highly favored.”
“If you speak it out, God will do wonderful things for you!”

It is called the Prosperity Gospel. It is truly the thorn in the side of the American church today. This teaching is coming from the biggest churches in America. So we need to be careful & sober.

They say, God wants to make you rich. 

But unfortunately, this teaching fails to grasp passages like this: though I walk in the midst of trouble…

We will walk through trouble in this life. There is no special prayer that can protect us. There is no special incantation or worship style or thing we can say that will make sure life is easy sailing. Look at Paul’s life! 

God’s promise is never for life to be good or easy, He doesn’t promise us our “Best Life Now!” even though some pastors do. Instead he assures us, “I will keep you. Preserve you. Carry you THROUGH the trouble.”

He doesn’t promise we won’t go through trouble, he promises to carry us through the trouble. That is what these prosperity teachers don’t like or understand about our God or Bible. Trouble is a good thing. Trouble is from God. Trouble is God ordained to teach & grow & make us into the people God is creating us to be. 

Believe in this God, run from those teachers. 


God, give me eyes to see what you are really like. Not who I want you to be. Not who these pastors are telling me you are like. Do a work in me to trust you in the midst of struggle, not to always complain and grumble but rather trust that you are doing a work in the struggle. Give me perserverance.