7 O Israel, hope in the Lord! For with the Lord there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption.


David has gone from fear of the Lord to praise to the Lord. His range of emotions and conversations with the Lord I can relate to as I feel like I’m always all over the place with God. David says something here in verse 7 that I really needed this morning!


I need to be reminded that God has love that does not give up. The amount of time I mess up and sin, I need to be reminded of his love that is constant. Even though I know his love is not dependent upon my actions whether he is giving or taking away, I am reminded this morning that my life doesn’t dictate his love coming, it came two thousand years ago and it will never leave, it’s steadfast. Knowing also his love redemption is plentiful is sooo hopeful. Sometimes I feel like Gods crazy redemption stories are for the people we would say are too far gone. Though his redemption is for those people, it’s for me to with victory of sin, victory over temptation, and much more. His redemption is for ALL. This morning I am so thankful for a God whom gives his steadfast love freely, and a God whom redeems more than I can imagine.


Thank you Father for not giving up on me and reminding me who you are and who you have and are changing me to be. Please never let me go.