Psalm 30

V 3 “… You restored me to life from among those who go down to the pit.”

V 7 “By Your favor, O LORD, You made my mountain stand strong.”


Psalm 31

V 3 “… for Your name’s sake you lead me and guide me…”

V 7 “…. Into your hand I commit my spirit…”

V 15 “… my times are in Your hand…”


Psalm 32

V 10 “… but steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in the LORD.”




David describes a variety of circumstances.

Sometimes he’s in the “pit”.

Sometimes he’s on the “mountain”.


Regardless of circumstances in his life, he remains surrendered to the Lord.

He also remains trusting in the lord, which is different.

I can surrender to someone or something I don’t trust.


Why would I surrender AND trust?

“For HIS Name’s sake!”


What happens when I surrender and trust?

“Steadfast Love Surrounds Us!”


How amazing!

How inspiring is this posture of my heart and mind and self?

It inspired some of the final words of Jesus, Himself, on the cross, “Into Your hand I commit my spirit”.




David’s faith was a different kind of faith from what we often see today.

David’s faith in God was not dependent on how his life happened to be going at the time.


Is my faith in who God is, or my trust in what God is doing ever dependent on the circumstances of my life?

I certainly hope not.

Circumstantial faith is a shaky, fragile faith.

Why? Because circumstances are shaky & fragile.

They change all the time.


I must trust that if life is “good”, it can be good “for His name”.

Likewise, if things are “bad”, it can be bad “for His name”.

I must “give thanks in all circumstances”, as Paul would say so many years later from jail.


Why? Because God can be glorified in the pit of or on the mountain!

And like so many couples promise on their wedding day … “rich or poor” … “sick or healthy” … etc.

“Steadfast love” should surround us and abound in us, regardless.


I can’t allow life’s circumstances to determine if I will “commit my spirit into His hand”.

Jesus did this in the midst of the worst possible circumstance.

And when I do this, I can trust that “my time is in his hand”, as well.


In this way, I can live “surrounded by steadfast love” AND “for His name’s sake”!

I can’t think of any better way to live than that!




God thank you for your word, for your truth.

Lead me into fresh ways to trust you and surrender to you any element of my life I’m trying to lead myself.

Show me where I’m not living for your name.

Help me not to live for life’s circumstances.

Help me rest in your steadfast love.