“…the mystery of God would be fulfilled, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.” v.7


God’s plan of Jesus, the Savior of the world, the One who reconciles us to God the Father, will be fulfilled. No doubt about it. No question. Just as God told us it would.


As we read through Revelation it can be overwhelming. So much information that doesn’t make a ton of sense. But here is what we know for sure: Jesus wins. Jesus conquers. And not in any sort of way, but in the exact way that God ordained it and planned it and told us how it would go. 

Our God doesn’t lose. His plan gets done. So what does that mean for us? You can’t lose. 

But wait, “I lose all the time. How can you say I don’t lose?”

It feels like we “lose”, hard things happen, suffering happens, but we see in this verse, this whole book, that what God has planned, he accomplishes. God doesn’t get beat. God doesn’t lose, so the plans God has for you won’t be thwarted, won’t be messed with. 

So in all those hard things that we go through we can trust that God is working all of them out for His glory and our good. He can’t get beat. His plan can’t be overcome in your life. 

Trust him. 


I pray that I trust your plan, even when it is hard, even when it is overwhelming, even when it feels like it isn’t your plan. Carry me Lord, be gracious with me. Humble me to see that you are God, and I am not. Your plan is better and you always overcome.