And at that hour there was a great earthquake and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake. And the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of Heaven. (Rev 11:13)



Action, reaction. How do I measure my action and responses considering the Light of the Word of God?



Reading Revelation my eyes get immediately drawn to the Story. I want to know about the Horns and the 2 Prophets and the resurrection of the dead—trumpets, thunder, sounds of all kinds. Elders dropping at His feet in worship saying “Glory to Him who lives evermore!” I want to add my two cents to all the folks who came before me in the interpretation of whatever is the “meaning.” I guess that since “Late, Great, Planet Earth” (Hal Lindsey-I had a first copy!), I have read and spent time thinking about the End Times and Revelation extensively.


But now I want to read the message in between the “Big” things. Verse 13 caught my eye-an earthquake; pretty big one at that. One tenth of the city flattened. 5,000 people killed. And the scriptures testified of the inhabitant’s response: the rest of the city terrified! And in their terror they “…gave glory to the God of Heaven.”


Not the response I thought would happen. What is the response I normally see concerning calamities? On television I see more and more testimony of the Goodness of God in saving lives. But around my office I hear a subtly worded difference really asking “why did God let this happen?” I am not pure concerning the question-I think this too sometimes. But look at these guys in v13: Calamity and Terror-result? Glory to God (however it came). If honoring God doesn’t come as a result of my surrender, then it will come as a result of His Righteous Wrath upon the wicked.


“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” (Prov 1:7) I want to humble myself under the Hand of God all my days. Continual surrender.



Father: that is how I must read Revelation I think. It is a Story of Your Coming and of the actions and reactions of the people of Earth-some Redeemed, many not. It is a Story to be read with Awe and Wonder and not a little bit of Fear. I must battle that tendency in me to be arrogant in your Presence, assuming on Your Love for me (which you lavish on me-how’s that for a dichotomy?) but remembering in worship that You are Creator of the universe, I am created. You are Potter, I am clay. While You love me and have redeemed me with an Everlasting Love, anything I am, all my achievements and crowns, I throw at Your feet because only You are Worthy. Doesn’t take an earthquake for me to see that. AMEN