Journal Rev 18 (all references are from the ESV; changes in punctuation are mine)

Scripture: “…for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.  Pay her back as she herself has paid back others and repay her double for her deeds; mix a double portion for her in the cup she mixed.


As she glorified herself and lived in luxury, so give her alike measure of torment and mourning, since in her heart she says, “I sit as a queen, I am no widow, and mourning (grief, sorrow) I shall never see…”  Rev 18:5-7


Observation:  What shall I take from this?  A minefield…


Analysis: While this is projection unto the Queen of Babylon, it is also representative of the attitude of humans.


Soberly consider…


Prayer: Father.  I see pride; pride of life; pride of independence and indulgence.  I am not a puritan (in the negative, common sense of the word), and I like my stuff.  But I do not want to be what I read above.

Sharpen me and keep me sharp.  I want to remember and fully, publicly acknowledge that what gifts I have are only by Your hand and Your Goodness alone.

Revival, O Lord, cause revival.  AMEN

Rick Sutton