Revelation 20
Vs 10 … the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
There is a time coming when God will choose to end the reign and power and even life of Satan here on earth.
“Spoiler Alert” … There’s a big blockbuster movie out now, so I’ve seen those words a lot recently. It implies don’t read any further unless you want surprises to be revealed.
Here in Revelation 20 we get the ultimate “spoiler”.
We find out who wins and who loses.
Spoiler Alert: God wins. Satan loses.
What does knowing this information do for me? 
It infuses me with one of the most powerful force I can have: Hope.
I can always always always have Hope!
When I know how a movie ends, I don’t get at all worried about the current struggle of the protagonist.
With John’s Revelation of how the devil ends, I don’t have to get worried about my “lows” or “frustrations”.
Knowing how things end, I don’t have to be tormented with the question, “Why God? Why aren’t You DOING something about this?!”
I know He will. When is not for me to know.
I just need to have Faith in he present and Hope for the Future.
God will prevail.
And knowing this means that life is not just about “endurance” or “getting through”.
I can rejoice! I can rejoice always. Even now!
I know the end!
And this is a spoiler I can’t keep to myself. 
I must share this best of spoilers.
God wins. Satan loses.
Thank you God for your Word.
Help me keep in near when things when seem down or low.
You are with me. You know what’s best. Your timing is perfect.
Remind me of the hope I most maintain.
In Jesus name,