Revelation 8


I think in this chapter, it is less about a specific passage and more about the entire theme of the chapter. 

God, through the angels, is doing a mighty work, a scary work even, a work like we have never seen. Destruction comes through God in the end, before there is a full redemption.


Man, what a weighty chapter. We see horrible things happening by the hands of the angels. They aren’t acting out of line with God, they doing what he has decreed, what he has commanded. 

But, isn’t God a God of love? What happened to the Jesus I know?

See, the grace of God through Jesus, is for TODAY. It isn’t promised for tomorrow. One day it will end, one day the judgement will come, and this is what John is seeing in Revelation.


God be gracious with us. We don’t always see or get chapters like this, but I pray that we wouldn’t hesitate in repenting, in turning to you and trusting you. That we would see you as a God of more than just love, of a God of holiness and justice. Help us to get it, grasp it, and love you for it.