v.4 “Who is like the beast & who can fight against it?”


In the end there will be this beast who is worshipped by the world and the world will say, “Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”


Whoa, this chapter! This entire book from John is intense and crazy and confusing. But there are little nuggets of gold that we can find if we dig and are intentional. 

The world, during this crazy time, worships this beast because it is so powerful that they think, “Who can fight against this?” They see the power of it and think, “Man, this is it. This is the thing we need to worship.”

Yet, they missed Jesus for all of eternity He was this thing they have been looking for. The very thing they were supposed to be worshipping each and every day. 

In this life, with sin and the enemy, it is easy to get sucked into thinking, this or that is the thing we need to be worshipping. But it isn’t. Jesus is. Don’t settle for anything less, no matter how powerful, big, or worth it, Jesus is better. 


I pray that we wouldn’t settle or be enticed by other things that don’t even compare. Give us eyes for you Lord. Let us catch a glimpse.