“For being ignorant of the righteousness of God and seeking to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness.”  Rom 10:3


Using Israel as an example, Paul reveals Man’s heart and desire: Establishing our own righteousness and ignoring what God says about righteousness.


I find so many jewels in the first statements of a chapter in the New Testament.  Take the above for example.

In the past (like yesterday) I glossed over this because there are “juicier” quotes/statements in the balance of the chapter.  I would imagine I am not alone in skimming through certain or various sections of Scripture.  But, since all Scripture is profitable, looking at this particular reference has value to consider.

But why?  It is the statement “being ignorant of the righteousness of God” and considering the alternative which is clearly stated: “…seeking to establish their own…”

When I don’t apply myself to studying the doctrines of Christianity I tend to make things up as I go.  According to the Scriptures I am not alone and it has been this way since Daddy Adam.

Why are there so many religions?  Well, goodness: It is right here—I try to establish my own righteousness by creating religion.  But here is the upshot: By being ignorant of God’s righteousness I can change what God says about Himself into something that is more palatable, more tasty, and less challenging—kind of like forgetting that God is equal in all of His Character.  He is wholly equal in Love, Justice, and subsequent Mercy, Grace, and Wrath towards Sin.

Additionally, by “establishing my own righteousness” I end up creating my own god-idol to support my “righteousness.”  If I remember correctly isn’t this #1 on the 10 Commandments?  It then is imperative to understand God’s righteousness as much as I can through His written self-revelation—and whatever supplemental trusted publications as I can.  Note: get recommendations of additional reading from the elders.

The Gospel is simple.  It really is.  However, if we want to be good disciples of Christ Jesus then I should take in serious consideration Paul’s advice written to Timmy-boy: 

·         Be a good servant by being trained in the Words of the Faith and of Good Doctrine.

·         Train myself for Godliness. For Godliness is of value in every way…

·         Devote myself.

·         Practice these things; immerse myself in them so that my progress is publically evident.  (all excerpted from 1 Tim 4:6-16)


O Lord, what joy You bring!!  I so appreciate Your Word—it brings Life and stability.  Please make what I wrote above a firm foundation in my life.  AMEN.