Romans 11:20 – That is true.  They were broken off because of their unbelief, but you stand fast through faith.  So do not become proud but fear.


Paul is issuing a warning to the believers in Rome and using grafting branches into an olive tree as an analogy.  Paul is telling the believers that that because of their hard hearts and unbelief many of Jews will be broken off from the tree.  Gentiles who believe through their unwavering faith, can be grafted into the covenant relationship represented by the olive tree.  With that we are to remain humble, fearful of God and not proud because God has saved us.


The creator of the universe wants to have a relationship with me.  God has done everything in sending Jesus to pay for my sin debt in full so I can be reconciled to Him as His adopted child.  An all knowing, all holy, all powerful God who knows my every thought cares about me and loves me immeasurably.  This is no reason to be proud or look down on others who are lost for whatever reason.  We should fear God, be strong in our faith, love others and have our hearts be broken as God’s is for those who are separated from Him.




Thank you for the truth in your word and loving us so much you sent Jesus so we can believe through faith in Christ and have a relationship with you.  Let me be humble before you, remain strong in my faith and share your gospel to glorify you!