Romans 4:16 – That is why it depends on faith, in order that the promise may rest on grace and be guaranteed to all his offspring


Paul is exhorting to the Christians in Rome that the promise of God to Abraham is not through circumcision or keeping the law rather by faith. The faith that Paul is speaking of is coming before God and having faith in His son Jesus.  The promise is that God will redeem all those that are His in Faith.  This promise is given through the grace of God as a free gift to those who choose to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.


I must remember and believe that Abraham is the father of many nations and I am his offspring through faith.  This is not anything that Abraham has done or that I can do to obtain.  The promise rests on the grace that God freely gives us, nothing else.  The promise through faith in Jesus is guaranteed to all his off spring.  God’s promises in His word are steadfast and true.  By the grace of God alone, I can place my faith and trust in Christ and be redeemed to a new life.



Thank you for your grace and loving us enough to send Jesus so we can trust in you, repent, be redeemed and have a relationship with you.  Let me share the good news in that promise that you guaranty to glorify you.