V 73: Your hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding that I may learn your commandments.


This section of the Psalm starts out with the simple truth and understanding the God created us. He made us perfect according to His ways. He has also provided us with commandments that we must follow. We are not born with the knowledge and understanding of God’s commandments. We have to learn them.


Sometimes we try to make the Bible too complicated. It’s really not. It’s so simple that even a child can understand it. God is the creator. God made us. He made everything. God also has commandments. I need to obey His commandments. In order to obey them, I need to learn His commandments and live by them.

God wants us live by the word (be blameless in his statutes) and to do that I must not only learn God’s commandments but understand His commandments and apply them to my life. Learning His word is more than just memorizing or reading the Bible. Learning, in this sense, means we must know it and live it. That takes daily study. Daily prayer. Daily actions that keep Him a priority and not myself. That is why we have active Journal Groups, Life Groups and other activities that provide us with opportunities to learn from others, disciple others and share our lives at the same time.

God’s word and His promises are forever. Our life circumstances may change. Our health may change. Our finances may change. Just about everything in this world will change. But God’s word is forever. We must study His word and learn it to obey Him.


Help me to learn your commandments. Give me the understanding and knowledge to apply your words and to help others learn and apply your commandments as well.