Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.


As Solomon begins Proverbs he reveals he key to starting the journey towards wisdom. The key is the fear of the Lord. The reverence of God as Holy in your heart is the beginning of the pursuit of wisdom. Wisdom starts when we humble ourselves and recognize that He is God and we are not. He is Holy and we are not. He has the answers and we do not. Then and only then can our journey towards wisdom begin.


God is not an option. He isn’t one of the the many things I can choose to grow. He is the source of my life, the only real option. Therefore if I desire to grow, to increase in wisdom, to achieve anything of value in this life I must start with humbling myself before Him. When I surrender to His authority and recognize Him as the final say in my life, then I can begin building my life. Apart from that I run the risk of developing a life with a shifting foundation. I give myself the power to identify what is good, bad and indifferent. This is dangerous because my heart does always tell the truth. The scripture says that a mans heart is deceitful and wicked. Without the foundation of the truth of God’s word, I will make up whatever please me or is convenient to me in the moment. The problem with that is what is convenient or pleasurable isn’t always what is best, what is true, and what is beneficial.

A few steps:
-Humble myself everyday to your authority.
-Trust the word more than even my own heart.
-Be correctable. Fools refuse correction, but the wise receive it. The more I am correctable to God, the less I will be offended if man attempts to do the same.


Thank you for this wisdom this morning Lord. You are perfect in all your ways! I humble myself before you today and embrace a journey with you as Lord and master.