Psalm 122:1 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”


David was excited to be going to Jerusalem to worship God. He was happy to be going together with other believers to a house of worship. When you are excited about going someplace you anticipate having a good time and go with a sense of enthusiasm looking forward to everything that place has to offer. When you dread going somewhere, you go with a sense of indifference and can be unresponsive.


This is a reminder that I should not forget the little things about having the privilege to worship God. I take it for granted how lucky we are in the US to be able to worship God in public spaces, public places. I should be glad each day for the opportunity to worship him in churches, buildings or on the beach and not be afraid of life threatening repercussions for doing so.    

It is a reminder that I don’t have to worship God, I am called to worship him and it is my choice to go.  I am called to worship with other believers not just by myself.  It is an open expression. We are all called to worship in community. Not just together but together in His house, a place of worship, where the appropriate thing to do is worship and honor Him. There is a sense of belonging, bonding and fellowship when we worship together. We are brought together for one purpose and that provides encouragement, reassurance and accountability to other believers.    


It is easy to take the small things for granted. Thank you for allowing us to worship you as believers in a cafetorium in a small public school surrounded by the homes of believers and non-believers. Let us be a light that reflects your glory in our community that brings people together to worship you.