Psalm 119:25-40

25 … GIVE ME LIFE according to your word!
26 … your statutes!
27 … your precepts,
28 … your word!
29 … your law!
30 … your rules
32 … your commandments
33 … your statutes
34 … your law
35 … your commandments
37 … your ways.
39 … your rules are good.
40 I long for your precepts;
in your righteousness GIVE ME LIFE!


The psalmist is obsessed about the Word of God.
He can not get enough of it.
Statutes, precepts, commands, laws, whatever God has to say, he wants to hear it all!
He craves it.
He yearns for it. All of it.
Why? It gives life!


Do I want life? Seems rhetorical, of course.
But really, am I really living if I’m disconnected from The Word?
Jesus says He is The Word.
And seeing this psalm this way, it makes sense when Jesus says He is also The Vine.
Apart from Him there is no life.
Apart from The Word I am not really living, I am dying.
And in my communication with God, what do I crave more?
For Him to hear my words?
Or for me to hear His words?
It is His word that gives life!
What’s more is, do I merely “read” His Word?
Or do I “long” for His Word?
It is His Word that gives life!


Father, give me life according to Your Word!
Help me keep it in my heart.
Help me long for it always.
Help me know your Word when I hear it or read it.
Help me share your Word when you give me the opportunity.
In Jesus name,